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by Benoit Galati
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  • linux
  • multimedia
  • subtitles

Following a problem with my TV which did not want to read Blu-ray subtitles, I had to find a way to convert them in an understandable format. So I used the following tools:

  • mkvtoolnix (CLI tool for MKV files)
  • mkvtoolnix-gui (GUI for mkvtoolnix)
  • BDSupToSub (to convert PGS subtitles to VobSub)

First step: extract subtitles

  • Identity track number with mkvinfo (here it’s 5):
mkvinfo <filename>

| + One track
|  + Track number : 6 (track number for mkvmerge & mkvextract would be 5)
|  + Track UID : 9788501119646790547
|  + Type of track : subtitles
|  + Default signal : 0
|  + Forced signal : 1
|  + Codec ID : S_HDMV/PGS
  • Extract identified track (example with number 5):
mkvextract tracks <input_filename> 5:<output_filename.sup>

Second step: convert track from SUP to VobSub

We use BDSup2Sub for this (Download here):

  • Start BDSup2Sub
java -jar BDSup2Sub.jar
  • Load subtitles file to convert with « File -> Load »

  • Let default options and start conversion with « File -> Save/Export »

Third step: (optional) multiplex tracks

On my end my TV only read default subtitle built-in the MKV file. That’s why I had to put the track back into the video. To do this, I used MKVToolNix GUI. It’s very simple to use, here is example:

Image Alt

That’s the end, let me know in the comment section below for anything !